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Release Agents for Rotational Molding

Release-Rite ®  mold release agents for rotational molding are specifically engineered to address the unique challenges of today’s rotational molders such as shorter cycles, higher temperatures, speedy production cycles and higher quality. Release- Rite ®  products provide solutions for the dimensionally complex rotational molded applications that accompany today’s complex molds. Let our experts assist you by tailoring the proper technology for your application that promotes proper gloss and
maximum release while eliminating pre-release, swirls, double skin and other difficulties.

No longer is there a need to compromise or use old technology to meet your changing release agent demands. Cross Technologies line of Release-Rite ® products ensure that you maximize release ease, improve surface quality and lower buildup using the latest in polymer technology all while providing VOC elimination. This translates to higher productivity and lower costs in your operation.

Get the latest technology:

  • Advanced semi-permanent water-base solutions
  •  State-of- art Solvent-based products
  • Non-flammable carriers
  • Modern, spray every time chemistry
  • Dilutable/cost efficient options

Maximize your process:

  • Multiple release; spray once to achieve many parts per application
  • Maximum release for complex molds
  • Excellent wetting/uniformity application
  • Excellent affinity to mold prevents surface issues
  • No Transfer to the part producing improved cosmetics
  • Promotes flow & eliminates knit lines
  • Many options to reduce your VOC concerns
  • Low buildup and mold fouling
  • Easy to apply, easy to use formulas
  • Increased productivity, and the safety of a water-based system.

Release-Rite ® mold release agents are specifically engineered to provide superior release performance for the full spectrum of resins for Rotational Molding.

  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • PP
  • Nylon
  • Polycarbonate
*Product sheets are available upon request. Please submit an inquiry for a quote to get more information on product sheets.

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