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Release Agents for Rubber

Cross Technologies Group has a full spectrum of mold release agents for every type of polyurethane molding application. We formulate our Release-Rite® agents for flexible and high resiliency foam, carpet underlay, rigid foam, footwear, elastomeric, insulation foams, in-mold paint applications, integral skin, MDI Binder, Rim, seating and more. Release-Rite® products are custom formulated to meet the demanding needs of each customer. Although providing industry leading water-based products remains our primary goal, we also provide solvent-based and low-VOC options tailored to our customer needs.


No longer is there a need to compromise or use old technology to meet your changingrelease agent demands. Cross Technologies line of Release-Rite ® products ensure that you maximize release ease, improve surface quality and lower buildup using the latest in polymer technology. This translates to higher productivity and lower costs in your operation.

Get the latest technology:

  • Advanced semi-permanent water-base chemistry
  • Solvent-based technology
  • Non-flammable carriers
  • Modern, spray every time products
  • Dilutable/cost efficient options

Maximize your process:

  • Superior release for the most demanding types of Rubber
  •  No Transfer/ non-greasy
  • Excellent rubber-metal bonding
  • Eliminates knit lines, pinholes and other cosmetic concerns
  • Maximizes rubber flow
  •  Many options to reduce your VOC concerns
  • Low buildup and mold fouling
  • Reduced usage
  • Safer, more user-friendly carriers
  •  Post-paint & adhesive compatible surfaces
  •  Easy to apply, easy to use formulas

Release-Rite® mold release agents are specifically engineered to provide superior release performance for the full spectrum of Rubber applications.

  • BUNA
  • CPE
  • EPDM
  • ECO
  • FKM
  • HNBR
  • SBR

Release-Rite ® mold release agents support your process and applications

*Product sheets are available upon request. Please submit an inquiry for a quote to get more information on product sheets.